Using Exercise to Overcome Abuse and Bullying

Using Exercise to Overcome Abuse and Bullying

Most mental health professionals, doctors, therapists agree that exercise can combat anxiety and depression that is a result of bullying and abuse. They have now found that specific exercises have long-term effects on the brain that can help combat the effects of that bullying and abuse, and over time bring healing.

The first step is to choose the exercise that will help you most. These can include elliptical training, bicycling, staffing, jogging, and walking. These exercises are best because they are simple rhythmic exercises that provide a pattern. Exercises that are high-intensity cause anxiety by producing stress chemicals, so you need to stay away from those.

The best way to get started with these exercise is by just moving. It is normal for them to be uncomfortable at first. Before long, your brain will start responding to the pattern of stepping, jogging, or walking. After 10 minutes the endorphin’s, or feel good chemicals, kick in and make the exercising easier. Prefrontal cortex, the area most affected by bullying and abuse, starts to relax after 10 minutes and creates a controlled environment that the abuse brain craves. You will need to stay in this zone for around 20 minutes so your brain can begin to heal.

Some of these exercises will have immediate effects. You may begin to fill better as soon as the endorphin kicks in. Two hours after exercising, you will continue to feel good because your brain will receive more blood, causing a kind of euphoria. For the exercise to have a long-term healing effect, though, you will need to exercise 20 minutes a day for 3 to 4 weeks. It is important to keep the exercising up since the brain requires constant engagement.

If you have been suffering from the effects of bullying and abuse, try these exercises out to help retrain your brain and to enjoy the effects of healing that they bring.








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